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About me – Über Woody

My name is Chris Woodward and I am the face behind “Woody´s Cartoons”.

Cartoonist Christopher Woodward
German-based English cartoonist Christopher Woodward.

british-flagI went to school at Holyrood community school in Chard Somerset, where I discovered at the age of eleven years how much I loved to draw cartoons. I actually loved drawing my cartoons so much that I tried to integrate and combine every subject with art. Which did cause some problems with one or two teachers! By the time I was fifteen I was so certain of being a cartoonist that there was nothing else on earth, which interested me more. By the time I left school I had tried to find a way of somehow becoming that cartoonist, but coming from a small town it was hard enough finding a normal job!

That’s where my life took a dramatic change of direction! I decided to join the British army and that’s where I stayed till 1996. During that time I was hired to draw mascots and hundreds of other cartoons and I was quite famous within my regiment at that time. Even today I get asked from old comrades if I still have some old cartoons.

After leaving the army I went back to school and re-did all that what I never finished back at Holyrood school. The army gave me one really important thing for the future, which I will always be thankful for, and that is discipline and the necessary bite you need to achieve your goals in life. After finishing school, “for the second time round” I learned a trade in the chemical industry and this company had started to get me into the swing of drawing again which I had never forgotten and loved.

I have been asked to do many cartoons for advertisement and for product presentations. Freshening up PowerPoint presentations has proved to be a very interesting sector to keep people interested when presenting a product that can be sometimes somewhat dry. It turns out that the cartoons have spread pretty much worldwide now as I work on a global scale as far as China, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia! At the moment I am witnessing the snowball effect, as our partners and customers are also asking for cartoons mainly for marketing reasons.

This website is regularly updated with new illustrations so that the reader constantly has new and interesting pictures to view. It’s exciting and extremely interesting to meet and greet new people with new ideas, where I can take these ideas and turn them into life by using simply a pencil!

I feel, I am old and experienced enough to get on and achieve those goals, which I had made as a teenager.

It’s not true what some people say that the days of drawing cartoons are long gone! Wherever you look, companies are using cartoons to present serious products and services. Cartoons were and always will be an eye catcher!

If you are in need of illustrations for whatever reasons either it be a company logo, illustrations for games, websites or illustrations for children’s books and you are looking for a serious partner to work with who is dedicated to his work, perhaps I can help!

If you are interested then please drop me a line.

Thanks for your interest!

Chris Woodward

german-flagChristopher Woodward ist das Gesicht hinter Woody Cartoons. Seit seinem elften Lebensjahr zeichnet Christopher Woodward Cartoons. Oftmals nutze er auch den Schulunterricht für seine kreative Arbeit, sehr zum Leid seiner Lehrer. Einzig der Kunstunterricht war für ihn von besonderem Interesse. Mit Fünfzehn war er bereits so überzeugt davon als Cartoonist zu arbeiten, daß er sich für nichts anderes mehr interessierte. Nach der Schule versuchte er seinen Traum in die Realität umzusetzen, was jedoch in der englischen Kleinstadt in der er lebte nicht möglich war. Dort war es schon schwierig genug, einen einfachen Job zu finden. So ging er in die British Army un blieb dort bis 1996. Auch dort zeichnete er für sein Regiment und die Kameraden zahllose Maskottchen und Cartoons.

Heute stellt er seine kreativen Fähigkeiten gerne für Logodesign, Promotion, Magazine, Zeitungen und Werbung zur Verfügung. Seine Charaktere sind durchweg Symathieträger, die nicht nur in der Unterhaltung, sondern auch im Geschäftsleben einen breiten Anklang finden. Die positive Indentifizierung mit den professionell gezeichneten Figuren schafft Nachhaltigkeit bei  Produktplatzierungen und Public Relationship.

Woodys Cartoons sind professionell, individuell und haben einen hohen Wiedererkennungwert.

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

sie haben Intersse an meinen Arbeiten? Ich freue mich, wenn Ihnen meine Cartoons gefallen. Rufen Sie mich an, oder senden sie mir eine E-Mail. Vielleicht kann ich auch für Sie meine Kunst einsetzen.

Mit humoristischen Grüßen

Chris Woodward

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